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Our Instructors


Our instructors


John Chow is a co-founder and Director of Sydney Sabre, and heads up our training program. Dr Chow continues to compete recreationally at the A-grade World Cup level. He specialises in tactical training for sabre fencers at the junior (U20) and senior levels.


Frances Chow is a co-founder and Director of Sydney Sabre. Dr Chow is a former NSW and Australian representative fencer and currently competes at national level. She specialises at introducing people to sabre fencing, and began coaching at Sydney Sabre in July 2012.


Davide Wheeler is an instructor and current competitive sabre fencer at the Australian national and international Veteran level. Prior to joining Sydney Sabre, Mr Wheeler worked over 20 years in the fitness industry as an instructor and personal trainer.


Hayel Albassit is an instructor and current competitive sabre fencer at the Australian national level. Mr Albassit also serves as the club armourer and oversees all sabre equipment sales and repair, including scoring systems upgrades and maintenance.


Past Instructors

Nick Irving was a fencer in the late 1990s before resuming training as an instructor at Sydney Sabre in 2012. Mr Irving is a highly-qualified educator and university lecturer in his other life. In 2016, Mr Irving relocated to Melbourne, Victoria to establish a sabre program in partnership with the VRI fencing club. He continues to work closely with Sydney Sabre.


Donghwan Kim is a former professional fencer from South Korea who comes from a family of Olympic fencers and fencing coaches. He specialises in high performance training for Junior and Cadet sabreurs. Post-Sydney Sabre, Mr Kim relocated outside NSW to pursue a career as an independent fencing coach.

Michael Howard is a Chinese-trained sabre fencer and a former member of the Australian Fencing Team. He specialises in competitive sabre training at the cadet (U15) and junior (U20) levels. Prior to joining Sydney Sabre, Mr Howard was head coach at the University of Sydney Fencing Club. He holds concurrent appointments as the Assistant National Sabre Coach for NSW from the Australian Fencing Federation, and the State Sabre Coach from the NSW Fencing Association. He continues in these appointments post-Sydney Sabre.

Eve Sauer is a former professional fencer from Germany. Eve has been fencing and refereeing at European and World Cup level since 2003, and began coaching sabre in 2005. Eve also holds a BSc with first class honours in physical activity and health. Since 2009 she has been coaching in Scotland, most recently with Prof Phil Carson. Post-Sydney Sabre, Ms Sauer has relocated back to her native Germany to pursue a career in health sciences.

Maître David Kirby has been fencing for over 45 years and coaching for the last 25. He is a master of all three weapons but specialises in sabre. His students in Britain have been champions at regional, national, international and Commonwealth levels and he has coached many members of British, England and Australian sabre teams. He was the Commonwealth team England coach in Belfast, the British national women’s sabre coach for 7 years and the fencing master at Eton College. Post-Sydney Sabre, Maître Kirby has relocated back to his native England to head up the well-reputed Shakespeare's Swords Club in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Seb Young has been fencing since 2007 and has represented Great Britain internationally at World Cups for under 17 and under 20 age groups. He has coached in England for 2 years and specialises in strength and conditioning for sabre. His students have competed internationally and have won medals at the regional and national level in the UK. Post-Sydney Sabre, Mr Young has relocated back to his native England to pursue higher education.

Prof. Phil Carson has been fencing for over 35 years and was a member of the Scotland and Great Britain fencing teams. Prof Carson has been teaching fencing for twenty years and is a master coach of sabre, epee and foil. Phil returned to Scotland to establish the highly successful Salle Ossian fencing club in Perth, Scotland. He continues to collaborate with Sydney Sabre.